The Influence And The Future Development Of Guangzhou Trade Fair

12 October 2021

Guangzhou trade fair is a very effective and direct public relations activity. Its publicity effect is different from traditional media (radio, newspaper, TV, magazine), and the profit-price ratio is higher than that of traditional media.

vi xuguan

Speaking of the Guangzhou trade fair, we know it is famous worldwide and so many enterprises no matter big or small sized companies are so actively attend it. Before covid-19, it is a great way for foreign companies to explore their business to outside and introduce their products to those who are interested in them. Once a year or twice a year, which is a fabulous opportunity to develop their business. What's more, guangzhou is well known for its foreign trade business and full of foreigners and foreign trade compaies. However, there are some people may underestimate the influence of guangzhou trade fair. And they don't know its strong direct economic benefits and indirect economic stimulus are self-evident.

In fact, as the domestic "business capital" and the pioneering place for opening to the outside world, Guangzhou has a unique advantage in developing the convention and exhibition industry, and it is the first to form a complete hardware and software supporting system. For a long time, at least in the "cognition" of the outside world, Guangzhou's exhibition industry, which has the golden sign of "Canton Fair", is ahead of Shanghai.

In 2020, as the global new crown pneumonia epidemic continues to spread and international trade is severely impacted, the 127th and 128th Canton Fair will be held online one after another. This is an important decision made by the Party Central Committee and the State Council to actively respond to the impact of the epidemic, to coordinate the promotion of epidemic prevention and control, and economic and social development, and it is of great significance.
The "Online Canton Fair" is an attempt to innovate in the form of trade. Through the Internet, transactions can be carried out without limitation in time, place, number of people and the number of commodities, forming a trend of inclusive development and in-depth development. For exhibitors, they can use less cost to participate in online exhibitions to achieve a similar effect to traditional exhibitions. As new technologies continue to change the mode of daily life, the traditional merchandise exhibition model will also change accordingly. Perhaps this is an opportunity for traditional merchandise trade fairs to play "Internet +".
Enterprises can directly face it at the exhibition. Consumers and competitors can obtain market information and trends immediately through instant publicity and communication, and can quickly collect relevant market data. It provides an important basis for the company to formulate future propaganda goals and plans. These are beyond the reach of traditional media.